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Terrorists probably just need help, like everyone else.

Formula Error detected

Higher wages, Higher tax

Error formula: “The Four rule”: 4,1,1. 2,1,1

Formula solution Draft 1

Formula Four Rule Solution Draft 1: Base + relative model

Base Tax + % Tax

Formula solution Draft 2

Base UTILIZATION/s Tax + % Tax

Formula Error Detected

Gain Weight + Lose Weight =$> Prevent Weight

Formula solution Draft 1

Sub-Formula Error Detected

Sell By Quantity & Sell By Quality =$>= Refer Parent {}

Sub Formula Solution Draft 1

Quality Food Tax Subsidized Quantity & Prevent + Markup Incl: 

Quality Food Waste Markup Production Tax

Formula Error Healthcare

Proceed to Formula Smoking:

Quality Nicotene {Secret} Waste Markup Production Tax

Back of the NZ Herald: Min Wage US$7.50, NZ$16.50

Can I please have <your> Criteria to lif[t] minimum wage

With brackets such as unemployment, medicare, health for 3 to start with

Do as to others as they would to you was a phrase in sometimes I believe